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Familiar and Unfocused (twin series) are the result of the reflection and interpretation of past and memory; family and home; the passage of time; intergenerational relationships; identity and roots; permanence and expiration, based on my grandparents family photo album.

Just like our memory, the unresolved paintings are unclear: blurry faces, unrecognizable features lacking in details, fuzzy finishes. Thus, memory is presented as a solution to death but also as a trap. Memories are never clean or precise; they have more to do with our own interpretation of the moment—and even more so when we only get pieces of the story through flashes in a family photo album.

These works represent the encounter between vanitas and memento mori: the union of the futility of pleasure with the fragility, the ephemerality and the necessity of memory.

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Unfocused series,  2014 Oil on canvas

Unfocused series,  2014
Oil on canvas