Dust bell jars_BarbaraAlegre_2019.jpg



Gathering, 2019
Dust inside glass bell jars
Variable measures

Six glass bell jars in different sizes containing household dust. Inside them you can read the following sentences:

  • I'm coming back to where I started

  • Is this it ?

  • Dust

  • Gray on Gray

  • Industructible

  • The Big into the Small, The Small into the Big

Humans have always been interested in measuring time in order to understand fate and exert some control over it. This sculpture, addresses the nonexistence of Time according to modern physics and the search of other models for its measurements. The use of dust as a magnitude to measure change and the passage of time.

The pieces ponders on the visible and the invisible, on existence an absence, fragmentation and indestructibility. Thinks over dust and preservation as an element that can not be eradicated but only moved from one place to another. 

The fact that dust particles rest on top of surfaces, reflects on subjects of superficiality versus the essential, the cycle of life and the Eternal Return theory of Nietzsche. Dust is made of the constant erosion of ourselves and everything that surrounds us. The essence of everything, in other words an Agent of Change. 

Gathering, 2019 (detail)
Dust inside glass bell jars
20 x 20 x 20 cm